Fan Art

On being a fan

Aside from making jewelry, I am kind of a nerd. This nerdiness is, in large part, responsible for Bramblefae Boutique.  If I’d never developed my love for elves and faeries, I would never have wanted a pair of elf ears that didn’t use spirit gum.  Would I have come to jewelry design from some other way? Maybe, but I am pretty content with the way things have gone and are going. 🙂


At any rate, back in November, a video game came out.  Not just any game, but the third installment of the Dragon Age series, Inquisition.  I could write a blog post about my love for this world, but that can wait. The short version is that I fell in love with an elf in that game (This shocks no one who knows me.). This particular elf, called Solas, wears part of a wolf’s jawbone as a necklace.

Pajama Wearing elf
Pajama Wearing elf

I’ve done different sorts of fan art before, writing and drawing, but I’d never tried to make a piece of game inspired jewelry.  So, after some poking and prodding at wire, a few incantations (not really) and some assorted curse words, I came up with a stylized version of Solas’ necklace.

Not an elf bootie.
Not an elf bootie.

It’s been pretty popular, and yesterday, it was featured on the Dragon Age website as a part of their ongoing series “Fanquisition”.

I tried to write a post about it last night, but I was pretty excited, and very flighty. 🙂  This is all very cool and inspiring to me, to be honest.

Before Christmas, I was very frustrated with the business and with myself. I won’t go into it, but there was a lot of self doubt. 🙂  This experience, though, has shown me that this really *is* what I need to be doing, and it’s made me a little more fearless about 1)trying new things with regards to jewelry and 2)showing my ideas to folks. 🙂


So, thank you folks, seriously. Thank you. And keep watching because there will be many cool things coming your way from me this year. 🙂