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More previews!

This Friday, the Etsy shop will be opened once again! I’ve been working on, instead of making pendants and calling it done, making whole necklaces, complete with handmade clasps and whatnot. I’m using lots of stones and beads that I’ve had for AGES.  This… Continue Reading “More previews!”

Why Elf Ears?

I have loved fantasy creatures since sometime around 9th grade (age 15-ish) when I discovered a book in the school library by Piers Anthony. (I don’t remember which one I read first and I’ve since read A LOT of his work. 🙂 ) I… Continue Reading “Why Elf Ears?”

Latest Commission Piece

I was asked to do an ear cuff inspired by Tolkien’s Woodland Realm and I was given this pic for inspiration: This is what I came up with: The buyer was very pleased, and honestly, so am I. I think it turned out really… Continue Reading “Latest Commission Piece”