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Gearing up for Faire season

I have been bad at updates this year, I know. I had a harder time juggling two jobs than I thought I would. But, it’s easier now because this is my sole occupation at the moment. 🙂

I’ve been working on a lot of new stuff, but I haven’t been showing much of it yet, since it’s all going for this year’s Enchanted Lakes Renaissance Faire & Marketplace. This is the first year they’ll be doing two weekends, so I’m both excited and worried that I won’t have enough stuff. 😀 I’ll begin posting more pictures as we get closer.



Not too shabby, yeah?
Not too shabby, yeah?

I was pretty happy with last year’s booth, but I have some changes I plan to make for this year, and I’ll be sure to post about that too, as we get everything sorted.  I’ll tell you, I couldn’t do this at all without the help, encouragement and ideas of my husband, Paul.  That fella is pretty fancy.

So, if you get a chance, come see us either weekend this year (June 11, 12, and 18, 19)! I look forward to seeing folks!

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Bramblefae and Cyber Monday

Like this!
Like this!

Hi folks!  Here in the states, most of us are getting ready for Thanksgiving, and some of the…more adventurous among us will be trekking into retail establishments on Friday. Not me, though. Yikes. 😀

I will be getting my Etsy shop ready for a sale on Cyber Monday. From midnight (eastern time) on November 30 to midnight (eastern time) on December 1, everything in my Etsy shop will be on sale.  That includes custom things and the new ornaments!

Not an elf bootie.
Not an elf bootie.

Also, for that day ONLY, you can order a jawbone necklace from me. This really will be the last time I offer, folks! So if you know someone who wants one, make sure they order it on Monday November 30th.

I’ll be tweeting about it pretty constantly, so keep an eye on my twitter ( @bramblefae ) for updates!

Thank you folks for everything! You’re all awesome.

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Social Media is fun!


Generally speaking, anyway. 🙂

I’m pretty active on different sorts of social media both for Bramblefae Boutique and personally and I figured it would be a good idea to kinda go over all of it in case ya’ll want to see what I’m up to at any given time. 🙂

I have the Bramblefae page on Facebook, but I find that I use it less and less over time because, frankly, I seem to reach more of you folks through other means. Like Twitter!

I tweet about all sorts of stuff from video games and music to personal stuff (Not TOO personal. 🙂 ) and all sorts of Bramblefae stuff!  It is probably my favorite form of social media right now because I can talk to folks on the fly.  I can answer questions and even just chat with folks on twitter.

I love Instagram and sometimes I think I go a little crazy with all the picture taking, but there we are. 😀 This is right now the best place to get Work in Progress pictures, although I am trying a new thing.

That new thing would be Snapchat.  I still don’t know very much about how it works, but I do see that I can use it to show folks the progress of a piece throughout the day, so if anyone wanted to see what I was working on, while I was working on it, basically, they can go check out my story there.  If you have it, my username is (shockingly) bramblefae. Feel free to add me! If you don’t have it, download the app and then add me. 😀

All of that is not even counting Handmade at Amazon and the Etsy shop! Those two will continue to be the best way to actually buy my stuff (And to commission me!)

Of course that doesn’t take away what I do here. This is the best way to keep up with updates, and tutorials and such. (Yeah, I said tutorials. 🙂 ) Thank you all for keeping up with me and what I do in whatever media you choose, and for helping me bring my dreams to life. 🙂 Ya’ll are awesome.

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Handmade at Amazon

One of the things you can get in the new shop!
One of the things you can get in the new shop!

I am so excited to share this with you folks! Bramblefae Boutique is branching out a bit and starting today, you can shop with us at Amazon!

How cool is this?!  I’ve been working hard to get things made and ready for this and I will be adding new things constantly!  I do not have words for how excited I am about this new venture!

Check out the shop, let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions! Thank you folks for remaining awesome and inspiring!



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Things are a bit slow

I know things are a bit slow lately.  I haven’t given the Etsy shop a good update in a while, although I am still (always!) taking commissions. It’s not that I’m not working on things, because I am! 😀

I’ve got one more event this season at the end of the month, and I’m prepping for that, and there’s a thing I’m doing.  I really really wanna tell everyone about it, but I am waiting until I have all my ducks in a row for it.   I promise, the moment everything is ready I will shout it from all the social media!

I'm trying more intricate techniques. :D
I’m trying more intricate techniques. 😀

This week, it’s super hot (Clearly that’s the case, the moment we take our window air conditioner out for the year. :p ), so I’m doing small things in the studio, working in spurts. Mostly finishing half done projects. 😀  So now’s a great time to commission me if there’s something you want!

Enjoy your September folks, and I will keep ya’ll updated on new stuff as I can!

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People Can Be So Wonderful

I play a lot of video games in my free time. My current favorite game is Dragon Age Inquisition, as anyone who knows me at all can probably attest.  Through this, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people.  People I call friend, even if I’ve never been in the same room with most of them. 🙂 One of the reasons I love the community so much is because we will come together to help each other.

Recently, a group of folks got together to raise some money to get a few ladies next gen consoles.  They are all going through their own tough issues and remain amazing, bright, shining parts of our fandom and I was so glad to be able to help, if only by donating a couple pieces of jewelry.  It was really an amazing thing to watch-in just a few hours we’d raised enough money to add a little light to the lives of these three people who, every day, add light to our lives. ❤

I’d offered to make rings for folks who donated a certain amount, but as things go, they ended up wanting earrings and I actually enjoyed making them! 😀

Preciosa glass pearls. I love using these!
Preciosa glass pearls. I love using these!
The purple beads are polymer clay beads I rolled myself. :)
The purple beads are polymer clay beads I rolled myself. 🙂


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500 Followers on Twitter!

Folks! That’s wild that 500 people give a crap at all about what I have to say! Thank you so much.  I’ve always used Twitter as something of a mixture between business stuff and personal stuff. So, my twitter feed is full, at any given time, of current events talk, video games, music and of course whatever’s going on with Bramblefae Boutique.  I love being able to talk to folks in real time, and the 140 character limit is teaching me about being concise, which is a good skill to learn, especially for someone who meanders as much as I do!

Anyhow, I’m having a little Thank You giveaway over on my twitter and ya’ll are welcome to jump in on it!

Twitter is fun! :)
Twitter is fun! 🙂

The rules are simple: You need to be following my twitter account on Friday August 28 at 10pm Eastern time and you need to have retweeted the tweet that’s pinned to the top of my twitter page (It will have the above graphic in it!).  That’s it!  Then after 10 on Friday, I’ll go through the retweets and assign a number to every person who retweeted, then using an online random number generator, I will pick a winner!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get- One ring, to your size specifications in the style of the one in the graphic. You’ll get your choice between silver, gold, or rose gold Parawire, and your choice between three small raw rubies, or raw yellow or blue sapphires (or, I suppose, any combo of the three).  The ring in the picture is rose gold and ruby, to give you an idea. It’s got a value of 25 dollars (American), and I will send it anywhere.

Thank you folks, very much, for your support of my jewelry designing endeavors.  I love ya’ll for it, and I hope to see ya’ll when I hit the next milestone!