Bramblefae Commissions

Holiday Schedule and Info


Lots of folks get very excited for the winter holiday season. I know I do! And I will be joyfully taking jewelry commissions leading up to the holidays. However, I’ve learned from past holiday seasons that to be the best I can for ya’ll, I need let everyone know my schedule for commissions.  That way we can all be happy and chill till 2016. 😀

I’m also gonna keep this post up to date because this can change if I get more orders than I think I will. 🙂

First, I need to note that I don’t do rush shipping. There are a couple reasons, and I *am* looking into different ways that I can offer it, so my hope is that in 2016, that’ll be something I’ll start doing.

So basically, I’ll be taking custom Christmas/Holiday orders from now till December 11th.  After that, I’ll take a break from commissions till after the holidays.  That will give me a few days to get any remaining commissions out-and *should* get there by Christmas.

I’ll keep my shops open through Christmas, of course, but after the 11th I will make no promises about getting items there before the 25th, so please plan accordingly. 🙂

In the event that I get so many commissions I can’t keep up (This hasn’t happened thus far, but still. 🙂 ), I will update this post and repost it with new dates if need be.

In a nutshell, here’s the deal:

When can you start ordering commissions for the holidays? Now

Where can I buy things from you?  Here and Here!

When will I stop taking them? December 11th

Can you get something rush shipped? No, not currently.

Does this mean I should order now instead of later? Yes.

Do you still love me? Always.

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