Things are a bit slow

I know things are a bit slow lately.  I haven’t given the Etsy shop a good update in a while, although I am still (always!) taking commissions. It’s not that I’m not working on things, because I am! 😀

I’ve got one more event this season at the end of the month, and I’m prepping for that, and there’s a thing I’m doing.  I really really wanna tell everyone about it, but I am waiting until I have all my ducks in a row for it.   I promise, the moment everything is ready I will shout it from all the social media!

I'm trying more intricate techniques. :D
I’m trying more intricate techniques. 😀

This week, it’s super hot (Clearly that’s the case, the moment we take our window air conditioner out for the year. :p ), so I’m doing small things in the studio, working in spurts. Mostly finishing half done projects. 😀  So now’s a great time to commission me if there’s something you want!

Enjoy your September folks, and I will keep ya’ll updated on new stuff as I can!


People Can Be So Wonderful

I play a lot of video games in my free time. My current favorite game is Dragon Age Inquisition, as anyone who knows me at all can probably attest.  Through this, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people.  People I call friend, even if I’ve never been in the same room with most of them. 🙂 One of the reasons I love the community so much is because we will come together to help each other.

Recently, a group of folks got together to raise some money to get a few ladies next gen consoles.  They are all going through their own tough issues and remain amazing, bright, shining parts of our fandom and I was so glad to be able to help, if only by donating a couple pieces of jewelry.  It was really an amazing thing to watch-in just a few hours we’d raised enough money to add a little light to the lives of these three people who, every day, add light to our lives. ❤

I’d offered to make rings for folks who donated a certain amount, but as things go, they ended up wanting earrings and I actually enjoyed making them! 😀

Preciosa glass pearls. I love using these!
Preciosa glass pearls. I love using these!
The purple beads are polymer clay beads I rolled myself. :)
The purple beads are polymer clay beads I rolled myself. 🙂