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Custom Order walk-through part 2!

Yesterday, we talked about how to begin working with me on a custom order. Today, we’ll finish!

After we’ve agreed on a price, what I’ll do then is make a listing for your custom order.  It’ll be very clearly marked as a custom order for you (using either your name, or a nickname we’ve agreed upon. To use my own names as example: It could be either “Custom Order for Tracie!” or “Custom Order for Bramblefae!”), and it will always have this picture

Although the colors in this image may change to reflect current branding. :)
Although the colors in this image may change to reflect current branding. 🙂

The “Do not buy” is for anyone not you.  In the event that someone pays no attention and buys a custom order, I’ll just immediately refund them (minus the listing fee) and relist it.  That’s not happened so far, and it seems unlikely, by and large.

Once I’ve got the listing up, I will contact you via Etsy (or twitter DM or Facebook message) to give you the link to the listing.  Once you’ve purchased the listing, I’ll then get started!

How long it will take for you to get the finished piece will depend.  If I have to order components, obviously, it will take longer before you get it because I won’t be able to get started till I have everything. 🙂  And if you live outside the US, it’ll likely take longer to get to you.  🙂 And I work on commissions in the order I get them, so if I’ve got a backlog, it’ll take longer for you to get the piece.  I’ll let you know all of these things when we’re talking about it, before you purchase so you have all the info.

As you can see now, allowing me to make you a customized piece of jewelry is simple, and a custom piece is often far more special because you had a hand in its creation.  Also, I really do love working on custom orders, so don’t be nervous about asking for something special! 🙂

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