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How to get started on a custom order

This is easily the question most asked by folks.  I talk a lot about custom orders because I love doing them. I love that kind of interaction with you folks. 🙂 So, in the spirit of making the process as simple as possible, I’d like to walk ya’ll through the beginning of the process.

First, you have to go to my Etsy shop. I like to keep custom orders and commissions on Etsy at this point for ease and protection. This way, everything is documented, so I can keep track, and both buyer and seller have protections to make sure you and I have the best experience.

Once you’re at my shop, you’ll see a button on the left side of the screen that says, “Request Custom Order”.  It’ll look like this:

Easy to find!
Easy to find!

Clicking that button will bring up a window that will let you tell me exactly what you want. It’ll even let you upload pictures, if you have references or inspiration pics to help explain your idea to me.

See? Simple!
See? Simple!

Once you’ve sent it, I’ll read it and get back to you with questions, sketches, clarifications, etc.  This bit of back and forth can be short and fast, or it can be a lengthy thing. I always try to make sure that my idea of what you want matches your idea.  Once we’re both very sure that we’re on the same page, I’ll then let you know how much I’ll be charging.  I base my prices on a lot of things-cost of supplies, time it will take me, how many pieces are involved, etc- and I try to be pretty reasonable with my prices. Who likes a crappy deal? 🙂

After price is agreed (And ya’ll, there is no harm in saying, “Ok, that’s a bit out of my price range, thanks anyway.”  We can then talk about whether there would be less expensive ways to do what you’re looking for, because sometimes that’s possible -by using different materials, or changing the design a bit- or we can leave it there.), I’ll set up a listing just for you, and I’ll talk about that more in tomorrow’s post!

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