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Grab bags are fun!

I’ve got a handful of grab bags on the Etsy shop! Basically, now that faire is over, I’ve got a surplus of items. These are not seconds, or bargain bin pieces-they’re just the kinds of things that are more easily reproduced, so they won’t stand out as much in the shop. Yet they’re not quite so easily reproduced that I could offer them in quantity, mostly because they’re made from things I no longer have on hand.

Actual grab bag items!
Actual grab bag items!

Basically, the goal was to make sure each 10 dollar bag had at least 20 dollars worth of jewelry (most ended up closer to 30), and each 20 dollar bag had at least 40 dollars worth of jewelry (again, most had more than that!).  This way, ya’ll get a massive bargain, and I get room to make more things, and the money to get myself a little closer toward getting a small kiln. 😀

7/3 EDIT: I’ll be taking the grab bags down on Monday July 6th! If you want one, grab it before then! 😀


Artist and creator at Autumn-Born Whimsies (And it's kiddo brand-BeeFae Cosmetics!). I love good folks, good books, good games, good music. I'm best when surrounded by trees and water. <3

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