Why do the thing?

Why Elf Ears?

I have loved fantasy creatures since sometime around 9th grade (age 15-ish) when I discovered a book in the school library by Piers Anthony. (I don’t remember which one I read first and I’ve since read A LOT of his work. 🙂 ) I had a thing for unicorns mostly (Thank you, Lisa Frank!) and I still have one ceramic unicorn that my grandmother cast, fired and painted for me back then. (She had a kiln in the basement and molds and everything. She made all sorts of stuff. My gramma was pretty cool.)


Then I discovered D&D as a young adult and it was pretty much all over. I fell in love with the idea of elves (And especially half elves #TeamAngst! ).  Anyway, to stop this story from meandering any more, I eventually learned that there were actual fake elf ears you could glue onto your own ears.  I swore I would wear them every day, even to the grocery and everywhere.

The packaging, though. :)
The packaging, though. 🙂


Which is all wonderful and there are so many designers and molders of great prosthetic ears, but I discovered that I really really hate spirit gum. 🙂  So, when I started working with wire, I also spent a lot of time on Pinterest (That place is both awesome and scary. 🙂 ), because I wanted to learn ALL THE THINGS about wire wrapping.  In there I saw a picture of someone wearing wire elf ears, and my whole world changed. *grin*


I’ll admit that I do some cringing when I see pictures of my older ears. I’ve gotten a good bit better at what I do in the last few years.  This year, I’m working on making some that are smaller and more streamlined for folks who like the idea but don’t want or need so much sparkle. You know, more of a practical whimsy. 🙂 Throughout the coming months, I’ll be showing off some of the things I’ll have at Enchanted Lakes Renaissance Faire so you’ll be able to see them soon!

Fan Art

On being a fan

Aside from making jewelry, I am kind of a nerd. This nerdiness is, in large part, responsible for Bramblefae Boutique.  If I’d never developed my love for elves and faeries, I would never have wanted a pair of elf ears that didn’t use spirit gum.  Would I have come to jewelry design from some other way? Maybe, but I am pretty content with the way things have gone and are going. 🙂


At any rate, back in November, a video game came out.  Not just any game, but the third installment of the Dragon Age series, Inquisition.  I could write a blog post about my love for this world, but that can wait. The short version is that I fell in love with an elf in that game (This shocks no one who knows me.). This particular elf, called Solas, wears part of a wolf’s jawbone as a necklace.

Pajama Wearing elf
Pajama Wearing elf

I’ve done different sorts of fan art before, writing and drawing, but I’d never tried to make a piece of game inspired jewelry.  So, after some poking and prodding at wire, a few incantations (not really) and some assorted curse words, I came up with a stylized version of Solas’ necklace.

Not an elf bootie.
Not an elf bootie.

It’s been pretty popular, and yesterday, it was featured on the Dragon Age website as a part of their ongoing series “Fanquisition”.

I tried to write a post about it last night, but I was pretty excited, and very flighty. 🙂  This is all very cool and inspiring to me, to be honest.

Before Christmas, I was very frustrated with the business and with myself. I won’t go into it, but there was a lot of self doubt. 🙂  This experience, though, has shown me that this really *is* what I need to be doing, and it’s made me a little more fearless about 1)trying new things with regards to jewelry and 2)showing my ideas to folks. 🙂


So, thank you folks, seriously. Thank you. And keep watching because there will be many cool things coming your way from me this year. 🙂